Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Dear Mother Nature:

We need to talk.

See, we're all a little worried about you. Are you feeling all right? I know we've been more than a little rough on you the last few years and I understand your anger with us. I also understand that you're bigger and more powerful than us and have been coping just as well as you can.

But you seem to be self-destructing over here and that's starting to worry us.

It's this rain. I mean, I hate to complain about it, but ... it's getting a little out of hand. First you didn't want us to have any for a few years, and you were exceptionally generous with the sunlight. It was nice at first, but then all of your foliage started to die off and you occasionally burst into flame. Now you seem to have developed a drinking problem and it's destroying all sorts of things. Not just our things, either -- we've got hillsides falling and creekbeds going every which way and plants drowning.

I know we haven't always been on the best of terms, but we're trying to get better. And right now, we're really worried about you. Could we try for some middle ground? Maybe a little moderation? I mean, you're welcome to keep the relationship interesting -- we just don't want you to destroy yourself.

Or our roads.

Think about it, okay?


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