Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Besides being the most madcap season we have around here, summer is the season to plan.

It's a season for lists. For calendars. For lots and lots of detailed phone messages. (Seriously, the phone barely stopped ringing yesterday.) It's a season to schedule your own laundry just so you're sure your work shirts are clean on the right day.

And more than any other time of year, it's a season to plan days off very carefully.

Which is why tonight I found myself making as complete a list as I could for my housekeepers for tomorrow, laying out clothes for the morning, and wishing beyond hope that the rain could hold off because dangnabbit I haven't been able to go kayaking yet and I really really really want to but I don't want to be miserable...

Okay. That's less planning and more begging, but all the same. This weather is starting to mess with my summer.

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