Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Abject Terror Of Daily Blogging

As you may have noticed (or maybe not, if you only turned up here because you searched for one of the books from Friday's post) I am very much not a daily blogger.

Clearly, because if I were that seven-week absence in March and April wouldn't have happened.

Back when I started this thing ... good lord, twelve years ago ... blogging wasn't really a "thing" yet. I mean, it existed, but it existed in much the same way that many sites existed then. It was uncomplicated, it was unsophisticated, and none of the major forces in the world had yet picked it up.

Now, every news site has blogs maintained by journalists, brands use them to put out daily content, and moms all over the place trade information through them. They are a force unto themselves and people have found ways to make a living off of them.

I can say I have been at this longer than many ... but I am still not one of those bloggers.

Daily blogging terrifies me. Plain and simple. The idea of coming up with something every day, of having that obligation, blanks out my mind in a heartbeat.

It seems it all comes down to commitment, something I famously lack. While I do have some regular readers (you think I don't see you, but I do!), I don't really have a "following," which means that the pressure is off. Which is great most of the time -- like when I'm hit with a seven-week bout of writer's block.

But then I give myself these challenges. Last year, I managed to post something every day for over 100 days from May until ... whenever it was those days ended. August sometime? [Yeah, not going to go look that up.] So this year, even though the thought scares me, I decided to give it a shot again, and for the last almost-two-weeks I've actually managed ... something each day.

I make no promises on quality. Daily blogging really does scare the dickens out of me and I fully intend to cheat. There will probably be a lot of reposts of other people's genius. Videos. Random pictures. With any luck, at least some decent content. Since I am once again taking this on at our busiest time of year, I'm mostly hoping I remember each day.

That being said, I could use some ideas or topics. You may get a few more pieces on camp life. Bits about the Hills. I still haven't posted all those pieces on Georgia and Vegas. We'll see if I get around to those.

I'd take some suggestions, though.

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