Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Switch

How much does your daily life change with the seasons?

Realistically, it happens to most of us. Days are longer. Free time is outside. Inside-the-house projects get put on hold in favor of yardwork. Fresh veggies hit the table. Little things here and there, all of which add up to an entirely different lifestyle sometimes.

As I stare down the gun barrel that is summer, I find myself thinking about this. Winter is characterized by long-range projects, scattered guests, and limited sunlight. My mid-week work days are much closer to the mythical 9-5. I tend to eat like a college student ... or a bachelor in his 20s. Sleep is markedly easier to come by.

But already things are changing. Days are longer. Sleep is harder to come by. Guests are more frequent, meaning my day-to-day job is more varied.

And I've started eating like a hobbit ... You know, first and second breakfast. Elevensies. Lunch. Afternoon tea. Et cetera.

And I'm burning it off almost as fast as I eat it.

I'm not quite up to the six meals a day that I'll have come June, but it's starting.

Now if only the weather would also cooperate and let it be summer ... When it's still light at 9PM but also only 40 degrees my body gets very confused.

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