Sunday, May 10, 2015

Snow Day!

Well! Happy Mother's Day ... particularly to my own mother and grandmother, both of whom I was going to be joining for dinner today. Until this happened, that is.
That tree astonishes me every time we get snow.

Hey, guess what, guys? We made the national news!
That's right -- the snow from yesterday didn't let up overnight. What was six-ish inches last night kept building, and this morning...

This happened.
Hmm. Crap.
Apparently I need to invest in a yardstick.
The big catch with this particular storm is that under that foot of snow is another quarter inch of ice. (My deck is ... not safe.) The creek is actually running. It's already melting, given that it's "don't need a coat to walk to the office" warm outside.
I have seen a lot of snow here since I moved back in 2013 and I've learned that the right kind of snow day can be fantastic. Yes, my plans were interrupted. Yes, there's no travel advised in the county.
But the power's on.
My internet works (at the moment -- it gets picky sometimes).
I have a full fridge thanks to a grocery run on Thursday.
We don't have a stack of stranded guests since people try to avoid booking over Mother's Day.
It's a good day for flannel and a full pot of coffee. A movie marathon. Maybe some baking.
And with the knowledge that the plows are out and working the highways, I rest assured that we won't be stranded here indefinitely. While my hopes to go hiking tomorrow have been dashed (I know I could, but it just doesn't sound like fun anymore), at least I should be able to leave the house by then.
So for now ... I guess I'll hunker down and enjoy it.
Edit, same day:
As of now (noon-ish), there are tornados touching down on the other side of the state, because apparently moderation isn't our thing. Keep those guys in your prayers, please.

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