Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Vignettes

1. We're on the cusp of crazy around here, and it's starting to feel like it. Not in the least because the weather is starting to feel summery, too.

2. Got Nepal on the mind? Want to donate? NPR has a pretty good article if you've not donated to an effort like this before, and most of the major well-known agencies are working on it. Do a little research and your help will go further.

3. I'm happy with how the Packers fared in the draft. Thanks, TT. [Look, from useful to vapid in one single bullet point!]

4. My day included an exchange that made my year:

"... and then he ran off to California to become an avocado farmer."
"You're not actually too far off."
It was a theory about an errant guest that took a turn for the strange. More accurately, it was strange that the theory (which ended with him becoming an avocado farmer) was not out of the realm of possibility.
Okay, terrible story. Maybe you had to be there.

5. Enter the pool. What's your guess for the name of the new princess?
6. This was two weeks ago.
Today? Over 80 degrees.
Yay spring. 

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