Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Not A Paid Advertisement

So I took the plunge a couple weeks ago and ordered something totally unnecessary.

I'm an Amazon Prime member -- have been for over five years now -- and I am a walking advertisement for the service. Most of my Christmas and birthday shopping in that time has made use of the two-day shipping. I love the streaming music service. I absolutely adore my Paperwhite, which is easier to use with said membership. And as their video library grows, I've become a huge fan of Prime Instant Video.

Which is why I eyed the Fire TV Stick for so long.

It took some convincing. First that they'd worked out enough bugs (I rarely buy the first version of new tech because I don't enjoy being an unwitting guinea pig), then because I don't have subscriptions to all of the other services. The stick lets you link in Netflix, HuluPlus and HBO Go accounts, among other things, but since I have satellite access I  haven't felt the urge to sign up for those. Really, it was mostly because I got tired of hooking my laptop up every time I wanted to watch something from PIV or YouTube ... and eventually I gave up on hoping for a deal and shelled out the cash.

Now that I've had it for a week or two ... Dang. I love this thing. I love being able to watch my various series on YouTube (especially CrashCourse, because I'm a ridiculous nerd) on a full screen while working on my laptop like usual. I've already binged on a couple of TV shows, something I have done very little of in the past as one of the last non-Netflix-using-thirty-somethings out there. Moreover, since I have no real reason to own a gaming console (the most common non-laptop way to link all those accounts), I love the $40 price tag.

If you're in a similar boat -- no gaming console and already a Prime member -- I recommend giving it a shot. (Especially judging by reviews on similar gadgets.) If you already have a dedicated way of streaming video, don't bother.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say streaming video ... Congratulations, you waste a lot less time than I do!

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