Friday, May 15, 2015


I don't care that it's Friday.
I know. It's practically blasphemy to say such a thing. But ... I don't. This is really just my second of about six Wednesdays in a row, because around here Friday doesn't mean a thing.
There's no waiting for a weekend.
There's no sliding out the door a few minutes early to make that weekend last longer.
Friday just means that the phone will stop ringing. Which is actually great because it's easier to get things done when the phone stops ringing so much.
Usually, it also means we have guests turning up, but in this particular case it means prep for an open house this weekend. And then for guests turning up. Yay May.
So before I get back to my not-Friday, I figure I can leave you with something much brighter and happier. Something I'm suddenly abnormally excited about...

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