Thursday, May 7, 2015

Getting Older

As my 31st birthday approaches, I've found myself thinking about the things that are making me feel old this year -- or simply reminding me that life now is not what I'd expected five years ago. So here we go.

  1. I started shopping around for eye creams not so long ago. And wow, do they make me feel poor.
  2. I refuse to part my hair in one direction because the greys show too much.
  3. I got reeeeeally excited about the bathroom remodel in our main hall because it meant the showers would be new.
  4. I will actually call my parents to just hang out.
  5. This happens regularly.
  6. A nap would be awesome right now. Or most times, really.
  7. I swear, it was the day after my thirtieth when my knees started aching every time I stood up.
  8. I'm pretty sure I flat-out demanded my mother get me shoes for my birthday and nothing else.
  9. I have remarkably strong opinions about the cost of groceries.
  10. The most exciting part of my day was when I found that there's a biography on Elon Musk being released on the 19th. (Via this excellent Wait But Why post. If you aren't reading his blog yet, you should. You have some time to catch up.)
  11. Why didn't I start using coupons till after I had a smartphone? That doesn't make sense.
  12. I actually told some kids to get off my lawn last week.

All right. Time for me to find some form of old-person supper. I'm still a few years away from Ensure...

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