Sunday, February 15, 2015


You know how it is when you get back from a great trip and you just have a heck of a time getting back into the swing of things?


I had a fantastic and thoroughly enlightening time in Georgia, Florida, and ... Denver. (Hey, my vacation, so my destinations.) The highlights included beach time, the Space Center [possibly the best highlight that had nothing to do with people], the Tattered Cover, new people, and about six loooooong conversations that each altered my perception of things.

Plus, you know, the conference I was attending in the first place.

But then I got home and ... well, it was probably a good thing work didn't immediately demand my attention. Unfortunately, since then we've also had some serious ISP issues, so now I find myself sitting in a coffee shop in Rapid so I can check my email and so forth.

Pros: No internet means I haven't ordered anything on Amazon.
Cons: Um, no internet.

It's turning into a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Perhaps this is my cue to get out and enjoy the weather a bit.

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