Monday, December 1, 2014

Here's What Happened.

We don't exactly do Black Friday in our family.

It has a lot to do with the fact that Black Friday deals aren't usually offered on what we're shopping for -- I mean, half my Christmas shopping list (and half of my own list) is socks. People don't line up for socks.

It also has to do with the hours. We're going to stay up late playing cards on Thursday. We're not going to get up early on Friday. The end.

This year was no different. Our grand plans for the day were to go hiking and then head to Miner Brewing Company for their deal -- free growler for the first twenty growler fills. Our kind of special.

Which we did. Followed by lunch. And then a somewhat spontaneous decision to do just a touch of shopping, partially because this was the first time in six years that Mia Sorella had the chance.

Which led to Best Buy.

At this point, I was dead tired. It was 4:00. It was getting dark. I wandered in for five minutes before retreating to the Exploder to take a nap. (Yes, my life is exciting.) Shorty and Mia Sorella were checking out phones and I had no particular need to join them.

Until Dad appeared and told me maybe I wanted to go back inside. They'd found that there might be multiple upgrades on our account. And my phone, while not useless, had been acting up. More importantly, I couldn't update anything because it was just plain out of space -- even with only about six apps downloaded.

An hour and several adjustments to the plan later, we walked out with Samsung Galaxy S5s for Shorty, Jay, and me. Plus cases because of course we did.

For $1.07 ... total.

Three days later, I'm still mind-boggled. I've never owned a phone the same year it was released. I've certainly never owned anything considered top-of-the-line. And I'm hoping that before too long, I can put the thing down and stop being That Chick.

In the meantime, I've been on a downloading spree. I can now control my thermostat from my phone. And it's set up to be the remote for my TV and satellite box. And I can follow the Packers more easily. And for that matter, the battery is actually pretty excellent.

Being relatively new to the smartphone world, though, I could still use some advice. Any must-have accessories or apps? Help me out, folks!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get sucked back into my Flipboard wormhole...

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