Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A New Approach

Back in college, I had a love-hate relationship with the days right before a holiday.

Generally speaking, the professors were just as ready to leave as we were. We might have a test that week -- but rarely after. No one wanted to deal with that. With any luck, classes would be cancelled due to lack of hustle.

And since I was always driving across the state in what would inevitably be crappy weather, I was always antsy to get on the road.

I now find myself not leaving town for a holiday. It's odd. I kind of love it.

Alas, my brain has nothing to focus on. All is quiet in the camp. The phone isn't ringing as much because things are winding down elsewhere, too. My usual chores are pretty much done.

I've spent the last week unsure of what to do with the sudden quiet out here. Sure, we had a group this last weekend, but they were small. And we have a group a week and a half from now -- one of my favorites, actually, a group of people fairly close to my age. I've had some free time to do things like finish my Christmas shopping and dodge set-ups at one of the local joints. Get covered in mud in a crawlspace. Try to slide all the way down a hill without falling. [It didn't work.] Tonight, I get to go to Moscow Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker with my parents ... which is important. "Go to the Nutcracker with your father" has been on my to-do list as long as I've been an adult.

For the first time, all I have to do is wait for everyone else to get to town.

It's so weird. But it's wonderful.

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