Saturday, October 18, 2014


... that was an inadvertent two-week hiatus.

Not that anything happened. I didn't just get out of the hospital (or jail). I just woke up the day after my last post and ... didn't feel like writing. Same for the day after that. Just as inertia helped me to post daily for a few months, it led to an unplanned break.

What have I been doing instead?

Well, I've been biking a couple of times, which is two more than in the entire year before that. We have some great trails around for both the incredibly leisurely bikers (like me) and the incredibly crazy ones (like Shorty).

Although the incredibly leisurely trails still offer opportunities for spectacular crashes. All you need is to be a little unfamiliar with your bike's braking capabilities and be going just a little faster than makes you comfortable.

[Side note: This was the second time in a month that I'd seriously crashed and burned and in both cases, I messed up my right elbow ... and my camera. Luckily, both have survived with mostly just scratches and dents.]

I've also been reading more. Considering my pile of unfinished books, this is good -- I've actually made progress. This past Wednesday I finally acquired What If?, the natural progression in my continued love of xkcd. This was a book that I could only get in hardcover so that I could take notes as I went ... And I'd like to point out the xkcd love did not blind me to the error I found or the typo. (What can I say. First editions. Doesn't matter -- read it anyway. There's so much to learn!)

And I've been hanging out with my mother, an entirely new situation for me. We can have lunch, go for a bike ride ... and then go our separate ways to our own houses. It's weird. Is there anyone out there that can tell me when that stops being odd? It's going to be awhile for me, I think.

There's been more than that -- work, some hiking, and I spent Thursday violently ill (blech) -- but for the most part, it's been a quiet, remarkably cooperative two weeks.

Ooh! I could use some input, if anyone has any. If there's one event I miss from Wisconsin, it's my weekly dance classes. (And Todd & Julia, but getting them to relocate seems unlikely.) Any Rapid Citians out there that know of a fun studio in town? Preferably one that doesn't just teach line dancing?

Strange, the hazards of moving back here.

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