Sunday, October 5, 2014

Highs/Lows, Week 10

So! Here we go. Highs & lows are a campfire tradition around these parts where you go around the circle and state the best and worst parts of your day or week. I started doing it here when I realized my (almost) daily blogging needed at least one planned easy one. Plus it's fun.

We're settling into something more like "normal" around here (normal for not-summer, that is) and as a result, I get to watch the end of the Cowboys/Texans game as I write this. Which is ... good, I guess?

Anyway! This week's highs and lows. But in the opposite order.

  • ... The buffalo roundup requires a really early start. And I'm only just now starting to feel well-rested. So ... tiredness has been the general low point, I guess.

  • It's a good week to be a Packers fan.
  • Mia Sorella was out in the Hills for the weekend (she was here for school and I had to work, but hey, at least I caught her a couple of times!).
  • We've had a couple of my favorite repeat groups in recent history. Always a better week when guests are a bit more familiar.

That's all for now, I suppose. Have a good week, all!

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