Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Slow Down

It's the first day of fall.

It's the first day of fall and the highs in RC are projected to be around 90 the rest of the week. A tad perplexing, since the day I drove away I had to knock five inches of snow off Sophie.

It's also a year ago today that I emerged from a Moab valley and found out the Gaslight had burned down. Thankfully, the new Gaslight is still standing. No surprises this time. (.... Right, guys?)

I've got a day to catch up with some old friends and get some repacking done before I head west once more and sleep in my own bed. Some time to stretch out a little and rest my sore body. (I've ached since Michigan and limped since Niagara. Oy.)

And maybe I can end a trip feeling refreshed. What a novel idea.

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