Friday, September 5, 2014

The Big One

So with this upcoming trip, I have a lot ahead of me. I feel like I'm setting myself up for utter exhaustion ... but that's okay. It'll be fantastic.

Among the awesomeness is one major bucket list item.

Cedar Point.

Home to 19 roller coasters, 11 of which qualify as "aggressive thrill," Cedar Point made the must-see list the very first time I heard of its existence. When I mapped out my potential route, I didn't realize that I would be going right past Sandusky ... but when that became clear, I started pulling whatever strings I could to make it work.

Lo and behold, things fell into place. And now I'm all set for a weekend there.

Even better, it's during HalloWeekends, a fall festival where haunted houses, mazes, and shows get added to the park's repertoire.

"Excited" doesn't quite begin to cover it. This stop may surpass Niagara Falls.

Maybe. We'll see.

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