Thursday, September 4, 2014

Highs/Lows, Week 7

Seems like just yesterday I did last week's gimme ... probably because it was a day late. And I took a 4-day timeout from real life.

So! Here we go. Highs & lows are a campfire tradition around these parts where you go around the circle and state the best and worst parts of your day or week. I started doing it here when I realized my (now almost) daily blogging needed at least one planned easy one. Plus it's fun.

Here are my highs and lows this week, although in the reverse order.

  • We had a few surprise guests this weekend. Generally I don't mind surprises ... but when they keep happening it gets kind of old and exhausting. [PS: Guests, always plan and call ahead! If this had happened this next week, there would be no room at the inn.]

  • Fantastic weather. Even as it starts to feel all fall-ish.
  • Harney!
  • A few days mostly off that allowed for a solid drive (and a couple of audiobooks). Now I just gotta get everything in order for next week.

All right. I'm going to get to that one.

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