Thursday, August 14, 2014

Highs/Lows, Week 5

On the last night of camp at the last campfire, it is semi-traditional for the smaller camps to do a round of highs and lows (and sometimes mid-week, but we'll stick with the end of the week). Given that I'm attempting much more regular posting around here, I thought maybe I should give myself at least one weekly gimme. This week's been a little extra scattered and a regular Thursday night post has me rather relieved.
This last week (since my weeks tend to go from Friday to Friday) saw a trip to Sioux Falls, a lower-than-average number of guests, and the death of Robin Williams. It's been an interesting one.

So! This week's highs and lows, although in the reverse order.

  • ... The death of Robin Williams.
  • Summer staff cleared out completely on Monday.
  • I really need to recharge Sophie's A/C.

  • Quality time with Mom & Mia Sorella in Sioux Falls.
  • Summer staff leaving means that we're transitioning into what I generally call "not-summer," which means things are (a) calmer and (b) generally more predictable. I love not-summer.
  • That drive to Sioux Falls felt good. It was well past time to stretch Sophie's legs, so to speak. (Related: The Fellowship of the Ring is excellent for driving. I'm looking forward to the rest of the trilogy.)
  • Multiple reservations have been made for my trip in September now! Which reminds me ... I'm still waiting for you to return my call, Admiral. And answers from a couple of you in MI (and you, Mr. Rogers.)

And so we launch into a week of golfers, a bunch of random guests, and hopefully a pile of stuff making it safely from my parents' old house to their new (temporary) one. Also, if anyone has any audiobook suggestions, I'd love to take them. 'Tis the season for solitary cleaning and driving.

Have a good night, all.

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