Friday, August 8, 2014

Highs/Lows, Week 4

Last night when I got home, I wasted so much time fighting a bad internet connection that I gave up and wished for serenity. (Admittedly not a bad wish!) So this week, I'm a bit behind.

On the last night of camp at the last campfire, it is semi-traditional for the smaller camps to do a round of highs and lows (and sometimes mid-week, but we'll stick with the end of the week). Given that I'm attempting much more regular posting around here, I thought maybe I should give myself at least one weekly gimme.
This last week (since my weeks tend to go from Friday to Friday) was the first non-camp week since June. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally also got off to a rollicking start and it decided to start raining again.

So! This week's highs and lows, although in the reverse order.

  • Rain is generally good, but this week has had a couple massive downpours that made messes ... and also made people nervous. It all worked out, but there were some moments that were less than enjoyable.
  • This week also marked a sad anniversary. I'm hoping I can put my thoughts together to write a separate piece on that one. (Stay tuned.)

  • I started catching up on sleep! Woot!
  • I consider rally week a high. Not everyone shares that sentiment, but I may even miss the constant rumble.
  • There are a few summer staffers still around, meaning (a) not too many goodbyes yet, and (b) a few projects are getting done. Always a plus.
  • Our "not-summer" groups have started! I love not-summer groups.

It's a good week. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue catching up on sleep...

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