Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ending Summer

Summer is ending and wow, has that been obvious today.

My energy is gone. My enthusiasm is ... flagging. Summer staffers are moving out one by one.

And, you know, the camps themselves have ended.

It's a little astonishing how quickly the transition went this summer. On Friday, our last 100 kids and counselors hit the road; by Friday night, we had a rather quiet and small family reunion on site. Yesterday, it took less than a morning to finish cleaning up the camp and -- here's the fun part -- today it didn't have to all be flipped for the next group.

Summer is fun and chaotic and exhausting, but really, I absolutely love not-summer. I like the groups and the projects and I like that the pace doesn't leave me in desperate need of sleep each week.

Although I'm hoping this year there's a little more "escape to town" and a little less "snow."

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