Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Revolving Door

I just took my furry nephew for a quick jaunt and couldn't help but be amused at that very fact.

This has been the summer of the revolving door. First in the camp, where we've had a lot of one-night groups -- families passing through, pastors needing a night away, summer mission teams on their way to or from sites, that kind of thing. We've flipped more buildings mid-week than I've ever seen and it's ... amusing. Exhausting. Kind of fascinating.

It's been going on in my house as well. Dad moved out here at the end of April, so every time Mom turns up to go house hunting she stays here. Mia Sorella as well, Shorty occasionally ... and with them an assortment of pets, friends, and once or twice Miss M.

For a person who likes her space, it gets awfully crowded. But you know what? It's amusing. And exhausting. Kind of fascinating.

Don't get me wrong. I've had my moments. (Especially where said pets are concerned, since I'm allergic.) Every time someone crashes here, I have a seriously self-conscious moment about the mess before I can acknowledge to myself that it really doesn't matter. And there's a "you probably won't see much of me because it's summer" disclaimer that comes up a lot.

But it's good. Certainly keeping life interesting.

Now, if only my water heater hadn't died...

Maybe a little extra interesting this week.

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