Thursday, July 24, 2014

Highs/Lows, Week 2

On the last night of camp at the last campfire, it is semi-traditional for the smaller camps to do a round of highs and lows (and sometimes mid-week, but we'll stick with the end of the week). Given that I'm attempting much more regular posting around here, I thought maybe I should give myself at least one weekly gimme.

This last week (since my weeks tend to go from Friday to Friday) has involved a group of 160 young junior high kids (and counselors), a ridiculous phone saga, and the appearance of Mom and Mia Sorella. So! My highs and lows. But in the opposite order.

  • Sophie's having some difficulties -- namely, her thermostat seems to have gone out. I haven't figured out where to get that fixed just yet.

  • The 'rents have an appointment tomorrow to hopefully get started building a new house.
  • My phone was finally found after a 10-day absence (that, in the end, really didn't mean that much).
  • We're headed into the last week of camp. That would be both a low and a high if it weren't July (which makes me cranky).

Short but sweet this week!

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