Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's June...

Common Camp Indicators That Summer Has Started
  1. A 5AM moment when you realize (a) you're the only one moving and (b) the sun is already coming up.
  2. Grill smoke.
  3. Walking to work and realizing the entire area smells of cooking bacon.
  4. Odd traffic jams -- namely, when golf carts, pickups, and a 4-wheeler need to be moved in a specific order because everyone converged quickly for lunch.
  5. The smell of cooking marshmallow.
  6. The smell of a group of unwashed middle school boys.
  7. ... and unwashed middle school girls.
  8. The realization while cleaning that most people really do move in for a week.
  9. Also, that they'll never use all of those clothes. Probably because half of them are wearing the same thing on day 3 that they arrived in.
  10. Odd questions, from, "Do you have any extra Saran Wrap? We had six rolls but we ran out" to "Do you know how to get fabric paint off a table?"
  11. A sudden need to keep glow sticks and water balloons in stock.
  12. A realization that you're probably sleep deprived but you have more energy than you did any day in January. (Although come September, it'll take weeks to catch up.)
  13. The singing, chanting, and REALLY LOUD games.
  14. The dinner bell.
  15. Johnny Appleseed, the jerk.
  16. "If you happen to come across one, hold your hands up in the air and smile."
  17. Campfires.
  18. A buildup of unanswered texts, emails, and phone calls because you just haven't left.
  19. Clear evenings followed by thundering storms.
  20. A perfectly normal 30-degree drop from midday to dark.
It's a good start.

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