Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here Comes The Rain Again

I can't really complain about rain.

I mean, I've seen this place -- all of the Hills, really -- in bad drought years. It's depressing. It's hot. It's ... kind of scary, actually.

[Actually, regardless of conditions, we have a forest fire escape plan. Because you never know.]

Last year we had more regular rain than I've ever seen in my time in the Hills. This year -- after ridiculous snowfall -- we've had rain probably three times a week so far.

I ... genuinely don't know what to do with that.

It's wonderful. It's green and things are blooming and the fire danger has been moderate at the highest. Heck, we've only had a couple days get above 80 (and I get ridiculously whiny above 90). Granted, there's plenty of time for the rain to stop and for the heat to get unbearable -- and I'm comparing this summer to some that were genuinely hot and uncomfortable -- but the bottom line is that it's ... odd. Great, but odd.

Now, as I sit inside waiting out a storm with my furry nephew, I can't help but hope that it gets to a point of moderation later on. Few things make camp seem more disappointing than getting stuck inside all day -- and few things are harder on counselors than cooped up kids with a collective case of acute cabin fever.

Moderation. Yeah. That'd be nice. 

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