Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Road Trip Aside

It's Tuesday, which means a couple things.

Camp's half over.

My body's a little angry with me because ... well, it's tired. And not 22 anymore, as it turns out.

Seriously, has 30 always been an age where all of the sudden your knees start to hurt? It was new and unexpected.

Anyway, tonight for no reason at all, I found myself thinking of the day I took this.

That's the Dalles there with Mount Hood approaching. That was the day I entered Oregon and easily the best ... well ... okay, probably the best part of the drive west. (The drive out was awesome for about a thousand miles.)

Maybe I'm craving a drive right now. In any case, this picture made me feel all warm and fuzzy today.

... Have a good night, all. 

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