Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekends? Pssh.

I am not jazzed
If it's the weekend
I do not care,
My Facebook friends
While you make plans
And post with glee
I'm cleaning rooms
For thirty-three

In a few hours
That group will show
And then I'm busy
For days, I know
I do not care
If it's Saturday
It does not matter
In my day-to-day

But come mid-week
I'll have my time
And while you're working
I'm in my prime
The shortest lines
At offices and stores
Absolutely no waiting
With mechanics and doctors

I do not care
If it's the weekend
But I look forward to Tuesday
... and I don't understand for one moment how Dr. Seuss did this for entire books.

The man was a true genius.

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