Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Rundown

Well! It's Day 2 of the summer of 2014 (well, not really, but from my perspective summer's started) and here's what you may get to hear about later on.

- We have a wedding here this weekend. Weddings are regularly fodder for stories years later, depending on the couple and the conditions. In this case, the weather may make things interesting.

- Our first camp is this weekend as well. This one gives me an excuse to pull out the Packers jersey.

- Our summer staff is starting to come together. Honestly? ... It looks like a good year.

- We're starting our "usual" summer stuff a week late because of a massive conference of pastors in Rapid next week (it changes locations each year and this year is RC's turn). Among other things, this means Shorty will be here for a few days. Good stuff.

- I am not yet up to the summer pace. It's time for bed. Now.

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