Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Have A Problem.

It's a pretty normal problem.

But it's definitely gotten worse in recent history.

This is my coffee cup. It holds approximately 14 ounces of coffee. It was never empty today.

That is because my day started at about 3:45 (when my alarm clock went off) ... because we have an early-breakfast crowd in this week. I've been lucky enough to not have anyone in for lunch so I can get a break after that -- except that luck ends tomorrow.

The real problem here is that a cup that's never empty means I've basically been mainlining caffeine all day. And the fact that I'm still awake now means I'll probably do it again tomorrow.



Gotta get this under control. Summer starts soon. No time for a caffeine crash ... or the big mood swings that come with missing a cup or two.

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