Friday, May 23, 2014

An Optimistic List

Three months ago, I had a list of things I was trying to get done in my house.

Then chaos took over, my dad moved into my spare bedroom, and now it's almost summer.
But excuses are boring and now I have a few days ahead of me before the summer staff starts. (I also have a mother who told me that maybe I shouldn't make the drive to Sioux Falls and should take a break instead. Have I mentioned lately that my mom is awesome?)

Here's What I'll Probably Accomplish Between Now And Wednesday
  1. Sleep in a couple times
  2. Watch some movies
  3. Do some laundry, because if I don't I'll start to smell funny
  4. Clean a room

Here Are Some Other Things I'd Like To Get Done
  1. Get my bedroom cleaned and taped so that I can start painting it when I'm home in the evenings and need to work off some energy
  2. Reorganize the closet that houses all of my brewing supplies
  3. Hike Harney Peak

I have roughly three and a half days.

We'll see how this goes.

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