Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's Going On


I've been ... a little absent lately.

March is a psychotic month around here (I haven't figured that one out completely yet) and April is only marginally less crazy, but there's more to it than that. So I'm going to give you a few family specifics that I wouldn't normally.

1. Mia Sorella got moved to South Dakota last week. Unfortunately, she had to come without Jay because ... Well, because legal immigration is tough. It may be quite some time before her husband can join her. Which pretty much sucks.

2. My father has been searching for a job, mostly out here. Over the past few weeks, he's stayed with me a couple of times so he could interview in Rapid City, and now ... drumroll please ... he's accepted a new position and will be moving out here in two weeks! Exciting news. Also kind of crazy news.

3. Mom will follow in a year or so. She's got a fantastic job in Sioux Falls that she'd like to see through (she hasn't yet been there a year) and they want to sell the house properly. Also, Mia Sorella is currently living with them. So it's complicated.

4. Shorty & M have been trying to sort out their future life -- and as such, have determined that (a) she'll be attending grad school in SoDak next fall, and (b) they're going to get married next summer and make a go of it from two locations.

Add to that some extra fun here (summer planning, a coworker being out of commission for a bit, all of the various complications that come from seasonal business) and things have been ... we'll say disordered.

It's not often that I get to be the stable one, but there it is.

... It's really weird.


Su Papa said...

It is weird for you to be the stable one, isn't it? Enjoy it.

Amanda said...

Oh my!! What a crazy few weeks. Changes indeed.