Saturday, April 5, 2014


It's been six months.

We've had some volume of snow on the ground continually since Atlas ... and now, at long last, we have a few days of really nice weather predicted.

I've had some long winters. In 1996-97, we had thirteen snow days. Well, ice and snow days. The following year, eight. (The year after that, none, because this is South Dakota and if there's one thing this state lacks, it's consistency.) But my time in Rapid has always been ... up and down. A snowstorm that cancelled classes directly followed by a melt that made a huge mess. Eight inches of snow in May -- and over 70 degrees the next day.

Six months of snow is too much.

And while we probably aren't done yet (Mother Nature looooves her spring storms) it's entirely possible that in a few days, I could step outside and not see any of that white crap on the ground.

Maybe a pasque or ten will even be visible.

It's time. Spring should get a turn.

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