Monday, April 28, 2014

More Of What's Going On

It's official: my dad has moved to the Hills.

It's ... weird. Partially because right now he's moving his stuff into one of my spare bedrooms. That's temporary, of course (at least, I certainly hope so) but it's still happening.

In an interesting twist, the Bossman gave me the number for a realtor in the area for Dad to talk to. He called him this afternoon but ended up getting his voicemail. Instead, Dad pulled up Zillow to find out who was taking care of a house he and Mom have been eyeing -- called that company, got transferred around a couple of times, and eventually ended up talking to a human being.

Who -- when he gave his phone number -- was the very realtor the Bossman suggested.

It was awesome.

Tomorrow, I'm tagging along to go check out some houses with said realtor, along with any possible rentals along the way.

Crazy. Crazy, crazy week.

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