Friday, March 14, 2014

Mid-March Bits & Pieces

1. This was a week ago.

2. This was today.

3. In another "my job is awesome" moment, I got to take a walk for no apparent reason this morning and enjoy the gorgeous weather. The creek is thawing and it's only a matter of time before it looks downright spring-ish down there.

4. We have a camp full of people this weekend, with guests in every single building in the main camp. It feels so ... normal. And it's awesome.

5. I gave up my much-beloved Pepsi for Lent and that vacancy has made me much more aware of the other things that take on temporary vice status in my life. This week? Lucky Charms and "After Hours." (General adult content warning on that last one. Especially if you binge-watch like I do. Just so you know.)

6. I'm done with winter. If we could just get a solid week of decent-to-nice weather, and ideally no real precip, we could have a pretty clean camp. Less mud.

Oh, what's that?




Okay, that's just mean.

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