Saturday, December 7, 2013

Counting Down

Maybe I've had too much sugar today.

Maybe it's because I finally sent in a piece to the contest I've been meaning to enter. (Three whole days before the deadline, even!)

Maybe it's the strange excitement of having a group in that's almost entirely within a decade of my age.

Maybe it's my continued abuse of Amazon Prime Video.

Maybe it's the fact that -10 is starting to not feel as cold as it should.

Or maybe ... just maybe ... I'm starting to feel Christmas-y.

It's entirely likely that it's a combination of all of these things that's making it hard for me to relax. I'd love to be drifting off to sleep right now, like a normal adult human that has to work in the morning. But instead, here I am, combing through the stuff Mia Sorella has sent for her wedding.

It's only three weeks away. How crazy is that?

I have one more group before then, the beginning of a renovation project, our mini-Christmas party ... And not until then can I really start getting ready for the adventure ahead.

Christmas Eve in Denver. Christmas Day on a plane. And then a few days in Seoul with a wedding.

In the meantime, I can only overplan while I should be sleeping.

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