Monday, November 11, 2013


Step One: Purchase an alarmingly expensive ticket from Denver to Seoul.


Mia Sorella and Jay are getting married a few days after Christmas and I can finally say that yes, I will be attending. I'd been putting off this purchase, waiting and watching for that elusive ticket sweet spot.

It never came.

Seriously, it was twice as much as the ticket for my trip two years ago, a result of traveling during a holiday (and a not-entirely-necessary hike in prices in recent history). But it's done! Which means I can move on to all of the other planning that needs to go on for the next six weeks.

Like Thanksgiving. Which I'm hosting. And I'm not ready for.

And then the trip itself. And some potential changes come the new year. (No, I'm not moving, changing jobs, or getting married myself.)

Which brings me to my questions for some of my fellow travelers.
  1. Any recommended transportation to DIA? I'd love to not park a car for the week (we can get a ride back fairly easily) but we're leaving on Christmas morning. Which ... complicates things.
  2. I've never flown through LAX before. What should I know before our return trip?

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