Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stuff I Need To Remember

So the last month was what I'll call a learning experience. Make that Learning Experience. (I could capitalize it all, but you get the idea.) And although things worked out here for the better ... eventually ... it also showed me how unprepared I really was.
So. Before this happens again ...
Things I Will Make Sure I Have On Hand
1. Dry shampoo. As it turns out, not so deep down I'm an incredible girly-girl.
2. Some form of breakfast bar, so at least one meal each day doesn't have to be junk food.
3. A headlamp. (Maybe I should upgrade from the tiny one I do have ... Or at least find that one.)
4. A crank radio. (Need to get one of those...)
5. Batteries. For everything. And then a few more, just in case.
6. My journal! Because wow, do I get antsy if I can't sit back and write at least a little.


Things I Will Do
2. All of my dirty dishes.
3. Charge my phone. And probably my camera battery.
4. Park my car in the garage, where it belongs.

Once we got dug out, it wasn't so bad, although the cabin fever got a bit intense at times.
Things That Kept Me Sane
1. This website.
2. My rediscovery of Amazon Instant Video. (For some reason, it now recommends English romantic comedies for me. I genuinely don't know why.)
3. The pile of books I bought at Powell's while on vacation. Lucky for me, I have enough of those to keep me busy all winter.

Alright. I'm done with the blizzard. Probably.

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