Thursday, August 15, 2013

Side Note

I have a couple other things half-written that I'm hoping will turn into worthwhile pieces. In the meantime, I'm easily distracted. Here's what's going on.

1. Summer's almost over. The kids have all left (and in this case, by "kids" I actually mean "summer staff" ... and I have to acknowledge that it's weird that I call them kids) and next week we'll be fully into the just-the-four-of-us mode. Woot.

2. I've already seen one tree that's starting to turn colors. Awkward, since we have 90s predicted for the weekend.

3. I'm really, really excited about my upcoming road trip. I'm also quickly getting to the over-planning part.

4. ... I can't wait for football season to really start. Even caught myself watching a preseason game with two teams I care nothing about ... just because it was on. Seriously, what's happened to me?!

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