Friday, July 12, 2013


... people are awesome.

This may seem like a boring story (at least at first), but it was a huge bright spot in my week, so I'm going to tell it.

It's all about ... blankets.

Now, I never thought I could get excited about blankets, but things have changed. In this case, it has to do with blankets that we couldn't find.

For some groups (mostly adult ones in the "off-season" months) we provide bedding. At the moment, we don't actually have enough blankets on site to take care of multiple groups in multiple buildings, which is usually the situation for us ... plus a lot of what we do have is getting old and beaten up.

So this spring, we spent some time trying to track down moderately inexpensive but decent quality blankets to fix this issue. When Chef Lady did happen to trip across something and get them ordered, they decided to discontinue them and we were out of luck.

Last Tuesday, the Bossman found some at our local Kmart that were (a) the right size, (b) the right type, and (c) a price we could all agree on. He bought up what they had there and returned to order more -- only to find that these, too, were discontinued.

On Wednesday, he hopped on Facebook to see if anyone living near a Kmart could help out.

Not half an hour later, the phone rang. And rang again. And rang again. People had seen the post and ... well, almost immediately left for Kmart, it seemed. Within three hours, we had sold out another six stores in three different states of their dusty blue and khaki fleece blankets. Suddenly, we had blankets in abundance coming from all directions.

Three hours. Three hours and our "problem," such as it was, was solved. Three hours and our awesome friends and guests took care of us.

This is a fantastic place to be, but better than the place is the people that gather within it.

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