Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Input Needed

So I'm thinking of going for a drive.

More accurately, when the summer is over I'd really like to get out of Dodge for a week or so. I haven't been on a real vacation since I visited Mia Sorella a year and a half ago, and as I feel most relaxed when I'm on the road, I thought a solid drive might be in order.

There are other things as well.

1. I've never set foot in the Pacific Ocean.
2. I've always wanted to visit Portland, particularly the City of Books.
3. After Shorty gets moved to Denver, I'd like to drop in on him.
4. There are multiple states in between that I've never visited. Waaaaay past due.

As much as I'd like to feel spontaneous and just see what happens, I know myself. I'm a planner. In this case, it mostly means I need some semblance of an idea what to expect, even though it will likely change six times before I'd ever even leave and then twice a day while on the road. (Change is fine. Just need a "plan" beforehand to appease my type-A brain.)

The input I'm looking for is (a) what I should definitely not miss if I take a general western track from Rapid to Portland (and back via Colorado) and (b) if anyone along the way has a couch they'd let me crash on. I'm a pretty okay houseguest -- I travel with my own towels and I'll probably be on the road fairly early each day. I definitely don't require entertaining; I'm just looking for spots to sleep that are less expensive and less scary than middle-of-nowhere motels.


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