Tuesday, June 4, 2013


There was the moment in Starbucks when I got really, really excited about the fact that The Cure had worked their way into the mix of otherwise kind of boring indie music playing on the shop speakers.

The one where I realized I too was referring to our incoming summer staff as "the kids" even though a couple of them are older than me.

The point where both 5:30AM and 11:30PM became normal hours on the same day.

The one where I noticed that the comedians I've been listening to on my Pandora comedy station were all younger than me.

The day I realized that if I didn't leave, a "day off" mostly just meant I didn't wear the official staff shirt.

The time I noticed that yes, you could go down a pants size without actually losing weight.

Some of it is simply getting older. Some of it is the complete and total change in lifestyle. The bottom line is ... I feel different.

I kind of like it.

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