Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Weekend In Pictures

This past weekend, I turned 29. Since I spent the week before with family and friends, it was a perfect time for a couple of me-days.
As it happened, there was an art walk ... thing going on in Hill City, which meant some fantastic people-watching and shopping. And I may have gotten myself flowers.
Hmmm. Blurry.
After that was some wine-tasting, where I had a fabulous chat with some people from Louisiana visiting a family member in Rapid.
I got carded four times while there. Flattering, but ... excessive.
And then, of course, there was plenty of hiking.
This was the view from my lunch perch on Sunday.
That tree actually does sit at that angle. Even "flat" out here is at an angle. Just one of those things.

Have I mentioned that I love it here?

And there was some time on good ol' #50.

Hopefully next week I can finally through-hike that one.

Thankfully, the 90-degree weather (egads) held off for a couple days, giving me a little extra time to enjoy living in paradise. Next time, though, I should probably let someone know where I'm hiking ... Broke rule #1 on that one. Whoops.


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