Thursday, February 14, 2013


... I have had very little to say this week.

Two things.

1. Today came with an in-my-face reminder of where I live. I stepped outside and immediately regretted not wearing sunglasses because the sun mixed with the falling snow was so dang bright. (Note: we got half an inch of snow without the sun ever going away. Because that's just what happens out here.)

2. Valentine's Day is worth it if only for watching grown men walk out of stores holding extra-large teddy bears. It really is the simple joys in life.

So ... happy Thursday, all.

***EDIT LATER IN THE DAY: Who decided Liquid Plumr needed to tap into the sex appeal ads? Don't get me wrong -- they're hilarious. I just worry about the person who came up with them.

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Andi said...

Speaking of suggestive advertising, there was a commercial for those giant teddy bear's featuring women in nighties cuddling with it leading up to V-day. The words "husband replacement" were used to describe the toy by some of my fellow viewers.