Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finding An Off Switch

So a week that started with hiking in Rapid has continued with a "not quite snowed in but I am NOT going anywhere" evening. It's all blustery and gross out there and not exactly conducive to things like running around town looking for end tables.

Let me reiterate.

This was Sunday.

And this was Monday.
[Please excuse me while I post a picture of our oldest cabins.]

Today? Well, it doesn't look quite like Monday because it's gotten colder, so instead of big fluffy flakes we have little pelting chunks of ice. Not my favorite weather by a long shot.

The last time this happened, I got to painting. Today ... well, I just don't wanna. It doesn't matter that I'll have my first guests on Sunday and I'd really like to have the place at least moderately put together by then. It doesn't matter that I really do have the free time right now and I should get all that stuff done.

Because, you see, I've discovered one thing these past couple weeks: when I get going, I have a very hard time stopping. This is the kind of job that if I'm home, I'm on call, and if I'm on call I'm far more likely to keep working just because. Even Facebook isn't safe -- everything I see reminds me of website changes I want to make. And since I like my laptop more than more work computer, I keep pulling it up and tinkering.

I need an off switch.

So tonight, I may get a couple things accomplished, but I'm forcing myself to relax a little.

Enter the surfing.

This evening, I found this post on this site. And let me say ... I'm going to spend a lot more time reading this guy's stuff. Because it's awesome.

Also ....

Read it. Remember it. Don't do any of them. Ever. You're better than that, and those of us who are single and annoyed with piles of moronic questions will appreciate not being treated like some kind of leper.

If you'll excuse me, I have some more reading to do. And some hot chocolate to drink.


Andi said...

This one of his had me rolling!

Amanda said...

Hope you enjoyed your relaxing. It was almost 80 here today. What I wouldn't give for a little snow!