Saturday, January 5, 2013

Best. Christmas. Ever.

So ... I basically had the best Christmas ever. (Well, second best, as I'll explain in a minute.) And now I can post it, so I will.

It started with the new job in early December. I'm still giddy about that and I've already moved. It's pretty much been fantastic already. Then there was, of course, the brewing kit I got to open Christmas morning when it was just my folks and me. (Yes -- I got a bucket for Christmas and I was happy about it.) That was awesome. And the cinnamon rolls. And the snow was pretty great.

But best of all was the Skype call Christmas morning when I found out I also get a brother-in-law for Christmas. Mia Sorella would probably argue that her present was better (I mean, she's marrying the guy) but I'm pretty dang excited that The Boy is officially going to join the family. (Okay, so maybe third best gift. I mean, my parents get a son-in-law. That's pretty much awesome.)

Granted it'll be awhile before they can actually get married (it's not the wedding that's the problem -- holy cow, the paperwork) BUT ... Yahoo!!!

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