Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More House Stuff

It's snowing outside, making me not want to run my errands. In the meantime, I should be packing but ... well, it's hard to work up the enthusiasm for that right now, too.

So here I am with another house post.

This past weekend, we drove out to hear Shorty preach. (That still sounds so strange to me.) He did a fantastic job and said a few things I'll probably be working into a later post. Heck, it's even possible that some day I'll give my "Pay Attention!" spiel that seems to be a thing this week.

But not right now.

The other thing we did (besides eat too much, visit relatives, and try to keep calm during the Packers-Bears game in a land where the only game broadcast on regular radio was the Broncos one) was stop out at the camp so I could check out my new digs, take some measurements, and try to make a few paint decisions.

My new place is half of a duplex. Built for a small-to-medium-sized family, but this time only housing me (and a temporary housemate, but that's another story). In short, I have WAY too much space.

Just to give you an idea, here's one of my too-dark sizing-up-the-place pictures...

Pay no attention to the man at the counter.


Things I love about this place:
- This is easily the best rental situation a person can find herself in, especially since I can paint without fear.

- There's lots of light despite being in the bottom of a valley.

- The living/dining room has a semi-vaulted ceiling. It feels really, really open, even with somewhat dark paint.

- The kitchen is huge. HUGE. It'll take some time for me to fill it. Woot.

Things I don't like about this place:
- The most boring beige bathroom you can imagine. Granted it's the equivalent of a blank slate, but I walked in and my mind immediately wandered away.

- The linoleum in the entryway. Blech.

- The cell service. (Right, so maybe that one doesn't really bother me that much.)


My conclusions so far:
- I will occupy the lower floor only. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, but aside from keeping towels stocked in the bathroom, I'm just going to live downstairs. I don't need to expand to fill that space -- and besides, it'll come in handy when I have visitors. Or right now, when I have a housemate.

- I do not like blank walls. I may have to reign myself in a bit when it comes time to start hanging things up because wow, do I have some great wall space to work with.

- I am a jewel-to-dark-tones girl, not a pastel-tones girl. That kitchen, while a lovely green color, will be a deep blue before too long. The green simply does not go with anything I own. (Also, it bugs me a little that the wall on the right changes color abruptly. That will also be different later.)


Soon, I'll be moving my hodge-podge furniture and piles of boxes in, and then the fun can really begin. And so it is that I find myself combing through my color cards again and browsing fabrics on Joann's website.

This is going to take some budgeting.

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