Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Week To Go

It's been a crazy few days. On Monday, my parents and I had our own quiet Christmas Eve, including going to "The Hobbit" (wow, was that fun) and the usual church stuff. For Christmas Day (take 1), we hunkered down with a fire and did our own miniature seafood boil. We're saving the turkey (and most of the presents) for when Shorty gets here.

In the meantime, we've done some shopping (hey, the 26th is a good day to stock up for next year) and we've worked on some last-minute Christmas presents that just haven't gotten done yet. And I've been packing.

I have a week to re-pack everything I own. It shouldn't be so hard; most of it is still in boxes since I never really intended to park here for so long. But the organizer in me wants to go through those boxes NOW and not haul so much junk across the state.

Even though it's easier to sort while unpacking.

I may need a practicality check.

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