Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Morning

12 Thoughts Since 7AM

1. Why on earth do I have a Weird Al song stuck in my head?!

2. Online package tracking may be the best AND worst innovation of the 21st century. So far.

3. If you had told me three years ago that one day I would care about billboard locations in Tennessee, I'd have been happy to call the nearest mental hospital for you.

4. Similarly, I never thought I'd be a company's closest thing to tech support. (Stop cringing. You don't think I can see you but I can.)

5. Thank goodness for a mini-lesson from Moonie a few years back. "You do realize that if I've never done something, I just Google it to see what other people have done, right?"

6. Holy crap, it's November.

7. I need to cut back on the caffeine again.

8. Mixed up a batch of a nut brown ale yesterday. Now I keep getting distracted, wondering how it's doing.

9. I really can't wait for political ads to be done, even if I'm not fully prepared for whatever may be decided on Tuesday.

10. ... I want a cupcake.

11. I love leftover enchiladas.

12. I miss "Community." Thank goodness Troy & Abed are around to amuse...

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