Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Homebrew Diaries: The Beginning

Alrighty, folks. I've decided to start a new occasional column (of sorts) about my adventures in homebrewing. This is partially to keep a log of things and partially to, hopefully, get some feedback when problems arise. I'll explain the origins of this new bit in a later post, but first I'd appreciate some insight into your worlds.

1. Do you drink beer?
2. What variety? (Light, dark, only the best, anything free?)
3. Have you ever made your own? If so, have any disasters to share?



Amanda said...

1) Yes!
2) I like beer from random little places, and I'll try about anything once. The first beer I really fell in love with was from New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins.
3) No, but I'm curious to see how it goes for you. The husband has been talking about giving it a try.

Ashley said...

Amanda, I LOVE New Belgium. Which one made you fall in love? (Got to take a tour there and I had the freshest Fat Tire I could have -- it had been bottled after my tour had started.)