Tuesday, November 6, 2012


In the past 30 hours, I have:
- Cleaned six dozen bottles, thereby stinking of bleach for the rest of the day
- Filled most of those with beer
- Baked a cake that became part of what I'm calling a raspberry tiramisu trifle
- Aaaaalmost finished my Christmas shopping
- Polished my resume for the 87th time
- Changed a tire on my car (poor Sophie picked up a nail)
- Eaten dinner with a fantastic group of women
- Read up on my brewing stuff, my Ruth stuff, and perused the catalog at Coursera.org for what I'll inflict on myself next month.

Okay, so most of that was yesterday. Today has been more of the studying-and-resume stuff, which feels considerably less productive but is still headway.

That being said, perhaps you understand my frustration with the fact that although I'm not at work today and can pick and choose my time to vote, I'll still end up standing in line for 45 minutes.

Maybe it's a good thing there's a book in my purse...

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