Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November So Far

a.k.a. "The Post In Which Ashley Talks A Little About A Lot Of (No)Things"

I am really quite glad the election is over. Now we can get to the next topics ... You know, speculation about the 2016 campaign. And potentially a strange new trend in petitioning for secession. (I've seen Texas and Indiana so far.) Apparently threatening to move to Canada is no longer enough.

Thanksgiving used to be a glorious little island in the midst of Christmas shopping. This year, both Shopko and Target start their sales Thanksgiving evening, because waiting for midnight is apparently not good enough for them. I find that tremendously annoying.

I am relieved it was the Packers' bye week. Hate to add Aaron Rodgers to the list of injured starting quarterbacks.

One of my more ... I'll say "free-spirited" friends informed me that she was observing No-Shave November. My response was approximately, "....Hm." (Another friend's response was, "You mean like you do most months?") I'll qualify that one simply as things I don't need to know.

I'm really looking forward to turkey next week. In Spearfish. At Shorty's. Should be an experience!

Here is the fantasticness of Monday's xkcd. Clicking on it takes you to the actual posting, which should make it more readable:

Today's "What If" article was also amazing. (I'm rather thrown that it's the 20th one.)

And really, that's all I've got for today.

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Amanda said...

I love xkcd. Thank you for letting me know it exists. :)